Get a Ring like Kim Kardashian!

Get the bling with a Kardashian ring!

Who knew that engagement rings could spark a little bit of sisterly rivalry? Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 karat engagement ring from New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries is now the talk of her entire family (not to mention most of the country!). Her sister Khloe’s 12.5 karat enegament ring from LA Lakers player Lamar Odom used to be the biggest and best in the family. But now Kim’s ring is the envy of all her siblings. Their sister Kourtney told People magazine, “Kim wins! Kim’s is the largest!”


Kim’s ring features a 16.5 karat emerald-cut center stone flanked by two 2 karat trapezoids. We’re guessing it weighs somewhere around 4 ounces. (It could be more if it’s set in platinum.)


Does all this talk about Kim Kardashian’s ring make your potential fiancé nervous? He really shouldn’t worry. We understand that most men aren’t famous basketball players like the Kardashians’ beaus. We’ve got a few rings that are just as beautiful and stylish as the Kardashians’. If you want to start keeping up with the Kardashians, look no further than diViene. We’ve got the gemstone jewelry that will make you feel like you should be dodging paparazzi, too!


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