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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Emerald Jewelry!

Sport some luck of the Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us! Ireland is often called “The Emerald Isle,” and that’s why so many people like to sport their emerald gemstone jewelry on March 17th. How did Ireland get that nickname? Well, if you’ve ever flown into Ireland, you’ll see a sparkling green landscape out your window that stretches virtually as far as the eye can see. Ireland’s climate provides an abundance of rain, sunshine, and rainbows—and all of that contributes to the lush green landscape of the Emerald Isle. We’re sure you’ll love some of our “lucky” St. Patrick’s Day pieces.

It’s been said that St. Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to illustrate the Catholic belief in the Holy Trinity. Green shamrocks are abundant in Ireland. In fact, green shamrocks are customary gifts from Ireland to the United States on St. Patrick’s Day. We love the lustrous green of these sweet little plants, and that’s why they remind us of the emerald gemstone.

It’s the perfect time to shop for emerald gemstones here at diViene. Get yourself in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by choosing some emerald gemstone jewelry to add to your collection. In addition to being the color of St. Patrick’s Day, emerald is May’s birthstone—so there’s never been a better time to choose your emerald birthstone jewelry from diViene!


Springtime Gemstone Jewelry from diViene

Let your inner springtime shine with these cheery gems!

Ahh… Spring is in the air! This weekend we spring forward and begin Daylight Saving Time, and that always makes spring feel just a little more, well, springy! In honor of later daylight hours, birds chirping in the trees, and flowers beginning to bloom, we want to talk about some of our favorite classic spring jewelry tips. (What? You mean you’re wearing the same jewelry you wore in the winter? It’s time to brighten up for spring!) By the time spring has sprung, you’ll be ready with the perfectly cheery gemstone jewelry.

Flower rings to herald in spring

What says “spring” more than fresh blossoms of flowers? We really can’t think of anything! That’s why our flower rings are the perfect addition to your spring jewelry ensemble. Look through our selection of turquoise, jade, and coral floral rings—complete with sparkling gemstone adornments. If you want something a little more sparkly, then our gorgeous gemstone flower rings are the perfect way for you to greet the new season. You’re also sure to love our flower pendants and flower earrings. They’re great for completing that perfect springtime look.

Springtime gemstones

Spring begins in March, and its birthstone is truly appropriate! Our favorite springtime gemstones like Aquamarine, White Topaz, Emerald, Pearl, and Diamond are perfect for keeping spring at your fingertips (or on your ears, or around your wrist…). Shop through our selection of springtime gemstone jewelry and create the look that’s perfect for you!


Right Hand Rings Make a Statement

Spice up those bare fingers!

With the selection of gemstone rings here at diViene, you might start worrying that you don’t have enough fingers! When you’ve got your wedding ring and engagement ring on your left hand, you can really focus on adding something fun and exciting to your right hand. After all, right hand rings are becoming one of the hottest fashion statements for women. Why do we love right hand rings so much?

Well, that’s simple. There are just so many options to choose from! When it comes to right hand rings, you’re not limited by tradition or convention—you can pick whatever you want. Here at diViene, you’re sure to find right hand rings that fit your style and personality. Whether you’re looking for a statement ring, something understated, or our collection of stacking rings… it’s easy to make a choice that’s truly and uniquely you!

Tips for choosing and wearing right hand gemstone rings

  • If you plan on wearing your right hand ring every day, it’s important to choose a gemstone that’s strong and durable. Sapphires and rubies are especially suitable for an oft-worn right hand ring.
  • 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold are the best choices for a right hand ring that’s going to see a lot of wear. This metal is durable and suitable to wear every day.
  • If you have petite fingers, a wide ring might look a little too heavy on your right hand.
  • On the flip side, ladies with longer fingers can choose something a little bigger and bolder.
  • Essentially, as long as your right hand ring is comfortable to wear and suits your personal style, you’ve made the right choice!

Stackable Rings offer Variety for your Valentine

Sweet "flavors" for your sweetheart!

It’s kind of like Forrest Gump so famously said: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” The same can be said for our luscious stackable rings. There’s such a wide variety to choose from, that your options truly are endless!

One thing you can always count on from diViene, of course, is that our stackable rings are always made with the highest quality metals and gemstones. Here are just a few more reasons why stackable rings from diViene are better than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day:

  • Our stackable rings last much longer than a box of chocolates. Let’s just think about it for a second, shall we? When your sweetheart opens that box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, how long does it really stick around? With stackable rings, your Valentine’s Day gift can truly last a lifetime!
  • You can mix and match “flavors” of these sweet jewelry treats. Wear your sterling silver stackable rings one day, and then switch to your gold and gemstone ones the next! And when you’re really feeling daring, go ahead and wear a bunch of stackable rings at the same time. That’s what they’re for, after all!
  • This day and age, it seems like women everywhere are concerned about calories. Well, stackable rings from diViene certainly have fewer calories than a box of chocolates! Make your sweetheart all a-flutter with a sweet treat that fits right into her diet.
  • Here’s an idea: Place different stackable rings in an empty chocolate box. Your loved one will really enjoy experiencing all the different “flavors” of these sweet jewelry treats.

Stackable gemstone rings from diViene are truly an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.


Winter Fashion Trends with Gemstone Jewelry

Your gemstone jewelry is the perfect accent for the season's best looks

How can you make your jewelry work for you this winter? Well, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to color trends for the season. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a staff full of fashion-savvy jewelry designers here at diViene. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, and we design our birthstone jewelry so that you can fall right in with all of the latest trends. Here are a few things we’ve noticed for the winter season of 2011/2012 that you might want to incorporate into your own style and wardrobe.

Soft colors are hot

It should go without saying that colors should be a bit more subdued in the winter than any other season. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with black, gray, and brown! In fact, you can choose any color you like. Just make sure that it’s soft rather than flashy. You can opt for some soft hues like cantaloupe, lavender, or a green like honeydew. Think about pairing these colors with aquamarine jewelry, blue topaz jewelry, or citrine jewelry.

Add some bright details

Bright accessories like bags, scarves, and hats can go a long way. Just be sure to find some balance. If you’re wearing bright colored boots, try to stick to more neutral tones on top. This is also your chance to play with color in your jewelry. Go with gemstones like ruby, emerald, or turquoise.

Burgundy is big

If you want to add some color without going too over the top, you should consider trying burgundy. We find that burgundy looks good on virtually anyone—and it adds some glamour to your appearance. It’s a luxurious look that’s best paired with pearl jewelry or classic clear stones like white topaz or diamond.

However you dress, you can find the perfect jewelry right here at diViene.


Simply Divine! diViene’s Classic Beauty Trends

Pair that little black dress with some classic jewelry

What’s happening right now on the jewelry scene? With jewelry from diViene, you’ll find something that’s showy enough for evening, yet simple and chic enough for work. Whatever it is, your ideal piece of jewelry suits your personality, lifestyle, and (we have to say it) budget. The right jewelry will complement everything in your wardrobe—from a crisp white shirt to that cute little black dress. Let’s take a look at some jewelry trends that will make you feel beautiful.


Pearl Jewelry

If you’re looking for year-round glamour, then you should start with some simple ladylike jewels. Pearl necklaces and rings are right on trend this season—and you’re sure to feel absolutely radiant. Whether you choose our classic pearls or unique chocolate pearls, you’ll find a look that’s perfect for you. The clean lines of pearl jewelry are suitable for everyday wear; and they add a touch of class and sophistication to just about any outfit.



Gemstone bracelets add the perfect amount of sparkle to your ensemble. A bunch of bracelets on each arm can really enhance even the simplest of outfits. But you don’t always have to take it over the top. In fact, a simple gemstone bracelet paired with a little black dress is a classic look that will never go out of style.


Pendant Necklaces

A slender chain with a gemstone pendant is truly timeless. Wear your gemstone pendant necklaces with V-neck tops and sleeveless dresses. A simple pendant necklace paired with pearl earrings (see, the trends can work together!) is sure to make an instant statement.


2011 Fall Jewelry Trends

Be the height of fashion!

Big bangles, statement rings, cocktail rings and vintage jewels were just some of the jewelry trends we saw over the summer. This fall brings about a fashion friendly change to your jewelry box with trends that include fashion from the 70’s, animal prints, geometric shapes and more! Here are some of the jewelry trends we have to look forward to this fall season.


  • Choker necklaces adorned with colorful 70’s styled beads
  • Doorknocker shaped earrings
  • Hoop earrings decorated with beads
  • Animal brooches
  • Large cocktail rings with colorful jewels or a colorful enamel remain a staple in must have jewelry.
  • Cute pendants in various shapes and sizes
  • Stylish cuff bracelets
  • Metallic necklaces
  • Large statement earrings, such as chandelier earrings
  • Layered pearl jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets
  • Single drop earrings
  • Duster earrings that are extra long
  • Different floral jewelry designs
  • Any type of neon jewelry
  • Extra large bracelets
  • Flashy necklaces
  • Lightweight asymmetrical shaped metal jewelry


This season oversized jewelry is clearly in and turning heads. What is your favorite trend in jewelry this fall?


Fashion Shopping on a Budget Tips

Save money with these pieces of fine jewelry

Take it from us… we know just how easy it can be to get carried away on a fashion shopping spree. But if you’re on a budget, you might end up paying dearly if you’re not wise with your clothing choices and buying habits. Dressing fashionably on a budget is possible—and we have some ways to help you out. You can start with our fine jewelry under $100 and go from there. After all, every woman needs a great piece of jewelry to bring her ensemble together. And with these, you certainly won’t be breaking the bank.


Dressing fashionably on a budget tips

  • Know your budget and stick to it! Decide on how much money you can spend. When you’re budgeting your money, be sure to set aside portions that you would like to use for your basic needs. Clothing is a necessity, but you can hold off on buying that new designer dress until you have enough saved up for it.
  • Buy quality clothing—not quantity. If you buy a dozen cheap dresses, you really pay for what you get. These garments might get worn out after only a few washes. Instead, buy fewer pieces of higher quality. You should be able to mix and match to create some unique outfits.
  • At the same time, avoid high-end stores as much as you can. Why use your whole paycheck on a purse?
  • Buy a classic black dress that you can mix and match with both blazers and cardigans.
  • Use accessories! Our fine jewelry under $100 is a great place to start.


Do you have any frugal fashion tips you’d like to share?


What’s your Jewelry Personality?

What's your jewelry personality? A, B, or C?

We’ve got some truly unique pieces of gemstone jewelry here at diViene, and we want to make sure you find the ones that are perfect for your jewelry style. Take this jewelry personality quiz and find out what works for you!


You’ve got a black dress on, and you can only pick one accessory. What is it?

  1. A locket or something with some sentimental value.
  2. A chic tennis bracelet.
  3. A funky heart pendant.


Whose jewelry collection would you love to borrow from?

  1. Reese Witherspoon
  2. Beyonce
  3. Christina Ricci


What is the biggest jewelry faux pas to you?

  1. A long, beaded thrift-store necklace.
  2. A plain pair of stud earrings.
  3. Earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring at the same time!


What’s your jewelry mantra?

  1. One of a kind!
  2. The more the merrier!
  3. Moderation is key.


Your favorite earrings are:

  1. Vintage-looking pearl studs.
  2. Gold hoops.
  3. Diamond studs.


Mostly 1’s: You’re classic. Simple pieces are the way to go. Choose one statement gemstone jewelry piece to complete your look.

Mostly 2’s: You’re funky! Bigger is always better. Wear a bunch of stackable rings and a few fun bracelets, and you’re good to go.

Mostly 3’s: You’re artistic and expressive. Choose some gemstone or birthstone jewelry that represents who you are.


Choosing Earrings for your Summer Skin Tone

Keep a sunny disposition this summer!

It’s still summer, and we’re sure many of you are rocking some pretty fantastic tans right now. Summer totally changes our look, whether we want to or not. You spend a few hours outside in the garden, and you end up looking like you spent a week at the beach! How do you know what kind of jewelry looks best on different skin tones? That’s where we come in, of course. Here at diViene, we want to be your one-stop-shop for the best jewelry information, tips, tricks, and (of course) gemstone pieces.


Here are some simple generalized guidelines to help you find the perfect earrings for your newly tanned skin tone.


For a very tanned skin tone, you should stick with light-colored accessories. It stands in contrast to your sun-kissed look.


If you have a light skin tone, you can wear slightly darker accessories. You’ll look vibrant—and anything but washed out.


For pale skin tones, anything looks great. We especially love red, pink, and green gemstone earrings.


If you have a bronze or gold skin tone, a piece of yellow gold jewelry might be too much “gold.” Silver or white gold is likely a better choice for you.


Find the perfect gemstone earrings right here at diViene!

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